About USG

Utility Service Group is one of the most experienced and well respected natural gas marketing companies in the Southeast. With numerous clients throughout the region, we have established a solid reputation among consumers and suppliers for delivering superior, reliable services that are unmatched in our industry, all at a considerable value. The mission of Utility Service Group is to provide superior energy consulting services, together with a commitment to customer satisfaction. The result is low-cost, reliable energy supply for our clients. Utility Service Group is an energy management company that works for you to provide information which allows you to make the best decisions for your company. Utility Service Group works with you to lower your energy costs which make your business more profitable and competitive. USG's pricing analysis and forecasting can dramatically reduce your energy costs and give you a competitive advantage. Industrial customers benefit from our financial pricing programs that provide the flexibility to use the most economical energy alternatives to reduce your burnertip energy cost.

Gas Management Services

With all of the restructuring in the natural gas industry today, buying and managing you gas supply has become more complicated than ever. The traditional, regulated gas environment is a thing of the past, giving way to a sophisticated new set of rules and requirements for every customer. Not meeting these demands can result in costly penalties to your company. Of course, this new competitive landscape also provided a wealth of opportunities to reduce gas costs and improve reliability of your supply. The expertise and experience of Utility Service Group can help your company take advantage of NYMEX natural gas futures-based pricing to control you budget and firm transportation to reduce utility interruptions. Let us show you the way to a more efficient was to purchase natural gas.

Utility Service Group Can

  • Obtain prices from several suppliers each month to ensure that you are paying the lowest unit cost available
  • Balance your daily and monthly gas nominations with your actual consumption to avoid costly penalties and cashouts with your local utility
  • Provide valuable assistance during pipeline limitations
  • Verify all of your natural gas bills each month, eliminating frequent errors and overcharges
  • Allow you to focus on what you do best simply by doing what we do best, manage you natural gas supply
  • Offer non-commodity solutions and risk management tools